The Heroes Center is in Phase One:

14% of veterans attending Guilford Technical
Community College (GTCC) said that they have been homeless or needed housing while they were in school. The Heroes Center
is undergoing renovations to create critically needed housing
for these veterans by Fall 2019.

Please help by donating or volunteering today.

The Heroes Center Story

When Vietnam Vet Bob Uber learned a local church campground stood empty 50 weeks out of the year and that 14% veteran students at Guilford Technical Community College were homeless and somtimes sleeping in their cars, he did the only logical thing – found a way to connect the two. He founded the Heroes Center in High Point, NC.

The serene location of the Heroes Center, only minutes from GTCC campus and downtown High Point, offers a safe haven for veterans to spend quiet time by themselves or around vets who are in school and undergoing similar experiences. Hunting, fishing, clay target shooting, hiking, small lake boating and campfire discussions are just some of the community activities.

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Why the Heroes Center is Important

We owe our good fortunes to the foresight of our founding fathers and to the brave men and women of our military. Wherever and whenever our rights are freedoms are threatened, they put themselves in harm's way for us.

Since 9/11, over 2.5 million Americans have deployed to fight the war on terror. Of those, 400,000 have served 3 or more tours of duty. North Carolina is the proud home of over 775,000 veterans and 129,000 active military duty personnel, with over 120,000 living in the Piedmont Triad area. The military contributes $66 billion to the North Carolina economy annually.

Tragically, the challenges our returning heroes face are staggering. Our heroes deserve better.

  • Homelessness, unemployment, mental and physical disabilities.

  • Alcoholism and drug addiction are at epidemic levels.

  • The divorce rate of veterans has gone up over 42% since 9/11.

  • The bureaucracy veterans face in getting benefits and care is unacceptable.

  • One veteran commits suicide every 36 hours, with many more attempted suicides.


The Heroes Center is currently in critical Phase One

We are undergoing renovations to provide shelter to student veterans attending, or wanting to attend, Guilford Technical Community College. As soon as Phase One is finished, the Center has ambitious plans to finish a camp that will help many veterans transition into healthy, productive lives. The camp is ideally located minutes from the Guilford Technical Community College campus, downtown High Point and outdoor sports, including hunting and fishing.

Well beyond our lifetimes, the Center hopes to offer veterans shelter, food, counseling for them and their loved ones, access to education, vocational training, job placement, healthcare and transportation to veteran healthcare and activities.

They sacrificed life and limb for us. This is the least we can do.