22 Veterans Commit Suicide Daily.

Let's Change that.

Emotional Memorial Week Benefit Concert

Last night was an amazing show of love and support for our veterans. 

Lowell Oakley, a proud North Carolina native and recording star who performed on NBC’s television show The Voice, gave us one of the best performances of our national anthem that we have ever heard.

To close out the show, The Embers performed a moving rendition of Proud to be an AmericanThe video will not do justice to the emotion in the auditorium but the entire crowd - regardless of race, age or gender - was moved to tears and gave a standing ovation to proud Vietnam veteran Edward Mayhew. Please view it below.

We genuinely hope our music will help make this Memorial Day weekend a bit more special, and that you will join us in building this safe haven for homeless veterans attending Guilford Technical Community College. Soon, this magical 13-acre campus will be a comfort from the thousands of veterans in surrounding areas. But we need your help!

Please donate below and help us change the lives of veterans. They deserve it.

Happy Memorial Day from all of us at The Heroes Center!

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Home • Educate • Renew • Opportunity

The Heroes Center is in Phase One:

More than 20 veterans attending Guilford Technical
Community College (GTCC) are homeless. The Heroes Center
is undergoing r
enovations to create critically needed housing
for these veterans by January 2019.

Please help by donating or volunteering today.


Click below to read a recent article on the Heroes Center.


The Heroes Center Services

The Heroes Center is currently undergoing renovations to provide shelter to student veterans attending, or wanting to attend, Guilford Technical Community College. Next, the Center has ambitious plans to finish a camp that will help thousands of veterans transition toward healthy, productive lives. The camp is ideally located minutes from the GTCC campus and downtown High Point. Outdoor sports, including hunting and fishing, are minutes away.

Well beyond our lifetimes, the Center will offer veterans shelter, food, counseling for them and their loved ones, access to education, vocational training, job placement, healthcare and transportation to veteran healthcare and activities. 



A 501(c)3, Non-Profit Dedicated to Military Warriors & Their Loved Ones

The Heroes Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve, support and strengthen student veterans and their families with programs, services, events and resources. By housing student veterans, hosting retreats and providing access to professional counseling in a peaceful, nurturing environment, we help veterans re-establish themselves in society. At the Heroes Center, veterans can, once again, find their place in a community surrounded by their peers. 


Transition to Civilian Life


The challenges of transitioning back to civilian life after a tour of duty can be overwhelming. Many of our veterans have been exposed to life-or-death situations and are still haunted by ghosts of their time in the service. Coping can push their psychological capacities to the limit, and as a result, many veterans are suffering from homelessness, drug addiction, alcoholism and depression. The Heroes Center community will offer support services to vets to make this transition easier.

Click below to watch our videos on the needs of modern warriors and the vision for the Heroes Center.